Your Personal, Local EAP

Is Your Organization Struggling with these Issues?

  • Robbery or violent incident

  • Death of an individual

  • A serious accident inside or outside the workplace

  • Community tragedy

  • Downsizing or Reduction in Force (RIF)

If so, contact us to discuss how SWEAP Connections can help you today!

Why Clients Choose SWEAP Connections

Local Experience – We have a proven record of delivering proactive, hands-on services.

Innovation — SWEAP is the only Arkansas member of a by-invitation-only EAP collaborative of companies across the U.S. This membership enables to offer new solutions faster than other EAPs in Arkansas.

Integration — Employing an HR model to create an active partnership with your company enables us to offer proactive, not reactive, services.

Focus on Quality — Merging our experience and commitment with your company’s needs. We are not a cookie-cutter solution, we’ll craft a program tailored to address your organization’s challenges.

ROI — SWEAP becomes a profit center for our client companies rather than just a benefit.

Independent analyses confirm that SWEAP services generate positive results including:

  • 48% reduction in absenteeism

  • 12% reduction in presenteeism (present but distracted)

  • 11% increase in work engagement

  • 24% increase in life satisfaction

  • 7% decrease in work distress

Source: EAP Workplace Outcome Suite Study, 2017