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For Employees

SWEAP Connections is a free, confidential part of your employee benefits plan that can help you and your eligible family members deal with life’s challenges, both big and small. 

For Supervisors and Managers

SWEAP Connections helps supervisors and managers deal with employee issues in ways that benefits both the employee and the organization.

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For Organizations and HR

Don’t just settle for a remote counseling app. For over 30 years Southwest EAP has helped companies and organizations across Arkansas improve employee work performance and well-being while decreasing risk factors and liability.

For Brokers

We are workplace behavioral health experts. Let us put our 30 year track record of success to work for your clients.

SWEAP Drives Results

SWEAP consistently delivers a significant reduction in the leading causes of productivity loss and a significant increase in the leading indicators of higher performance.

  • Up to 80% decrease in absences
  • Up to 28% decrease in work distress
  • Up to 18% increase in workplace engagement
  • Up to 44% increase in workplace satisfaction

Higher productivity, higher retention, and lower workplace distress. We’re your partner for total employee mental wellbeing.

Mental health is a business critical issue

SWEAP Connections offers your organization barrier-free, 24/7 access to a network of experts and resources to help your employees and their families deal with life's challenges.

employee assistance program (eap)

  • Total Wellbeing EAP
  • Traditional EAP
  • Financial Wellbeing
  • Management Coaching
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Organizational Development

  • Surveys
  • Department Evaluations
  • Exit Interviews
  • Wellbeing Committees

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Training Solutions

  • Training
  • Workshops
  • Coaching Programs
  • Meeting Facilitation 
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Crisis Response Services

Address and support the needs of individuals and/or departments in the event of a critical or traumatic incident in the workplace.
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