Results Show Why Clients Choose Southwest EAP

Every year, Southwest EAP collects and analyzes data from our entire roster of clients. From this data we can share with you our insights and highlight trends:

  1. Emotional well-being, including anxiety and depression, were consistently identified as the leading reasons for seeking EAP support.
  2. “Relationship issues” was the second most frequent type of support requested. This is consistent with previous years.
  3. Women are more likely to use EAP services than men. Approximately 60% of the cases were initiated by women, showing evidence of a stigma still existing preventing men from requesting support.
  4. Adults 30-45 years old are most likely to access EAP services. This group accounts for more than half of the EAP use. This also corresponds to the stages of life when employees are facing multiple challenges including raising families, building careers and serving as caregivers.
  5. Employees prefer face-to-face support. Participants have access to multiple channels for support, but more than 85% preferred an in-person meeting with their EAP professional. Reasons for choosing other forms of contact were primarily travel and convenience related.

In 2018, our Impact Rate (the number of people receiving EAP services) was 14%, which has held steady for the past several years. The average case rate (the number of cases opened) was 6.4%. Both remain higher than the national average.

Why Clients Choose Southwest EAP

Reasons for SWEAP Use: Depresson/Anxiety 28%; Relationships 26%; Family Conflict 19% Work Issues 11%; Stress 11%; Alcohol/Drug/Other Abuse Issues 5%

SWEAP has provided employee assistance programs and risk management solutions to Arkansas companies since 1978. Our commitment to excellence is founded on the belief that active partnerships with our clients and providing face-to-face services produces the best results.

We are focused on improving work performance, while at the same time decreasing risk factors and company liability. High-quality counseling for employees struggling with personal and work-related concerns is provided through our employee assistance program.

An independent analysis of our work and its impact on key workplace metrics reveals: Absenteeism down 48% Presenteeism down 12% Work Distress down 7% Work Engagement up 11% Life Satisfaction up 24%

We are Arkansas’ leading local EAP option — we are there, in person, where and when you need us.

As always, we are here to serve you and your organization to help keep your people productive at home, at work, at life. Please feel free to contact us anytime to discuss your needs and how SWEAP can better serve you.