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The SWEAP Supervisor Academy

The SWEAP Supervisor Academy provides targeted coursework and training for supervisors over a 3-month period.

SWEAP's licensed EAP counselors work with your supervisors to discuss current issues facing supervisors and best practice approaches for improvement.

The Academy includes:

  • Curated coursework
  • Monthly live virtual sessions
  • Group consultations

The main topics covered over the 3 month period include:

  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Effective Communication
  • Leadership and Influence

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Our Next Supervisor´╗┐ Academy Begins February 7th 2023!

Register for the Supervisor Academy

Register for the Supervisor Academy by completing the form below.

SWEAP will be in touch after your submission with additional details on the Academy.

The next 2023 Virtual Sessions are listed below. There are 5 virtual sessions during the academy:

  1. Month 1: Personal and Professional Development
    1. Week 1: Live Virtual Training (February 7th or 9th)
    2. Week 2: Group Consultation (February 14th or 16th)
  2. Month 2: Keys to Effective Communication
    1. Week 1: Live Virtual Training (March 7th or 9th)
  3. Month 3: Leadership and Influence
    1. Week 1: Live Virtual Training (April 4th or 6th)
    2. Week 4: Final Group Consultation (April 25th or 27th)

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