Organizational Development Services

SWEAP works with Companies, Government Organizations and Small Businesses to help make your organization work efficiently.

Sometimes this means working across your organization to proactively and positively implement programs and campaigns to build and develop your organization’s culture and productivity.

Sometimes this means dealing directly with challenges in the workplace. Everyone faces challenges occasionally, both at home and at work, that can negatively impact performance. SWEAP will partner with your company to work through these challenges and keep your organization on a footing pointed to progress

SWEAP works with Arkansas-based organizations of all sizes,
providing development services including:

  • Department Evaluations

  • Exit Interviews

  • Wellbeing Committees

  • Coaching Services

  • Performance Management Consulting

  • Team Workgroup Development

  • Workplace Challenges Consulting

    • Conflict Resolution

    • Alcohol & Drugs

    • Harassment, Bullying