Employee Assistance Program Services

Clients choose SWEAP Connections for many reasons, including:

  • Local Experience – A proven record of providing proactive, hands-on services.
  • Innovation – SWEAP is the only Arkansas EAP firm in a by-invitation-only EAP collaborative. This membership enables us to offer cutting-edge solutions at home and nationwide.
  • Integration – Employing an HR model to create an active partnership with your company enables us to offer proactive, not reactive, services.
  • Focus on Quality – Merging our experience and commitment with your company’s needs.
  • ROI – Return on Investment. SWEAP becomes a profit center for our client companies rather than just a benefit.

The cumulative impact has been significant to the bottom line of our client companies. No other company can offer a local, integrated presence with innovative research and response. In today’s competitive market, much is promised, but not delivered. This research is hard evidence that we are creating positive change and measurable impact in our client organizations.

A recent study by MetLife shows that employee absenteeism and low morale are costing business owners money.

Only 29% of employees are actively engaged in their jobs.

Our employee assistance program enables you to address employee problems and get your employees working efficiently. The main elements of the employee assistance program are:

  • Employee counseling
  • Work/life services
  • Management consultation
  • Orientation and training
  • Crisis response services
  • Program management services

We can also provide:

These services and training opportunities are for both your employees and your managers and supervisors, giving them the tools and knowledge they need to keep the workplace healthy and well.

Your Local, In-Person EAP Solution

With SWEAP, you have 24/7 access to counselors and support. We also offer an 800 number for quick support, but we prefer to meet with all clients face-to-face. For employees in need of counseling or therapy, we offer consultations and assessments and supply special outreach and referral services for alcohol and drug issues.

We provide your employees with methods they can use to resolve workplace issues in a way that supports their well-being and efficiency. Your employees get access to online work-life resources, articles, tips, and links, as well as online courses on leadership, communication, and team building.

In addition to the EAP, we also provide tools to measure its effectiveness. Among other things, we provide you with a quarterly evaluation report to measure the effectiveness of the program and areas of need.