Increasing Focus on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI)

While Diversity, Equality, Inclusion (DEI) has been an important initiative for many organizations over the past few years, this year brought an increased need for change in the workplace. In 2020, we saw an increased focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion programs that produced real results. Then, the coronavirus triggered concerns of an expanding pay gap, as many parents, mainly mothers, had to choose between work and childcare.

The business case for diversity and inclusion is stronger than ever. Research shows that the most diverse companies are more likely to outperform less-diverse peers on profitability. 

In 2022, companies that prove to be leaders in their industries will be those who place a renewed focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Initiatives include:

However, some employees still feel left out of DEI initiatives, and even speculate that their presence is unwanted, or they are at a disadvantage because of them. In order for DEI initiatives to be most effective, all employees need to support them. In doing so, these efforts can benefit everyone.

It may be best to start with education and clear up some of the common misconceptions:

It’s also important to remember that diversity and inclusion efforts should be tailored to the needs of each specific organization. While diversity efforts are typically focused on engaging underrepresented minorities within an organization, those groups can vary depending on the setting.

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