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According to Mental Health America, 7 in 10 employees find it difficult to concentrate at work, and this number has risen steadily since the beginning of the pandemic.

Among many things the pandemic has taught us, it’s that mental health is a business critical issue. 

And mental health issues can show up in your business in many ways:

Decreased productivity

Increased absenteeism

Increased turnover

Increased conflicts at work

Employment Assistance Programs (EAPs) are a critical component to helping address these issues, but is your current EAP making a difference for your business?

We’d like to help.

The SWEAP Connections ROI

We prove our results with our clients.

We utilize the Workplace Outcome Suite to determine the effectiveness of our services with regards to five specific outcomes: Work Presenteeism, Life Satisfaction, Work Absenteeism, Work Engagement, and Work place Distress. 

We do this by analyzing the level of each both before and after intervention through SWEAP.

Our most recent results across the full SWEAP client base:

For over 30 years, SWEAP Connections (formerly Southwest EAP) has helped Arkansas companies and organizations keep their people productive through an innovative, multi-channel approach to support employees and their families through life’s challenges. 

We make sure you see a very positive ROI on your EAP program. 

Contact SWEAP Connections for a Free EAP Consultation and we’ll have a conversation discussing how we can best support your organization and show you how a local, responsive EAP benefits your organization.

Some of the ways we’ve helped our clients include:

- Full EAP Services
- Department Evaluations
- Crisis Response Services

- Supervisor Training
- Our Supervisor Academy
- Better Connect Coaching

We’ve worked with leading organizations across Arkansas for over 30 years. These include:

- Banks

- Hospitals
- Manufacturers
- Municipalities

- Police Departments
- Fire Departments
- EMS Departments

Getting started is easy, during our Free Consultation we’ll discuss the specific challenges your organization is having and how we can help.